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Ana Sayfa Sipariş Takip Üyelik Yardım İletişim
New Advancements in Fuels and Lubricants For The Aerospace Industry Part–I: Introduction
Aralık 2018 / 1. Baskı / 178 Syf.
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This book will shed light on the day-to-day research and development activities of the researcher in any country of the world as a handbook in order to meet new needs in aviation and space Technologies as well as bring a new breath to the advanced aviation fuel operations in the flight industry. The author, with the intense knowledge of fuel technology, and the ability to follow the new aviation industry's energy problems, aims to provide the technical readers with access to the information they need, especially in the form of headings, which are compiled in the United States. The author is pleased to present this first book of the aerospace technology series to valuable readers. Any positivenegative criticism of the book is important for the author to provide more accessible sources in later editions of the book. I would like to express my gratitude to the Hiperlink family and its valuable publishing company.

You will not compliment anyone to be great, you will not deceive anyone, you will see the real purpose for the country and you will walk to that goal. Everybody will be against you, everybody will try to turn you around. But you will resist this, they will stack up endless obstacles; small, weak, without a material, never counting, no one will come to help you believe that you will overcome these obstacles. If they call you big after that, you will laugh at those who say this.

Barkod: 9786052811320
Yayın Tarihi: Aralık 2018
Baskı Sayısı:  1
Ebat: 13x21
Sayfa Sayısı: 178
Yayınevi: Hiperlink Yayınları
Kapak Türü: Karton Kapaklı
Dili: İngilizce
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